French-born singer and musician Sxmsidy spent many years in the UK and the US and grew up surrounded by music. He started playing the drums at the age of seven and then wanted to expand his knowledge by understanding music theory and being able to play different instruments. 

Sxmsidy’s talent and passion as a vocalist led him to write his first song in elementary school and he started producing beats a few years later after being introduced to digital audio workstations. Since then, he’s never looked back and creates his own beats, lyrics, and melodies. 

His music differs from classic RnB or Pop, with its recognizable dark vibe and the use of emotional pads or piano melodies. Sxmsidy is always eager to expand the boundaries of his art by mixing different styles like Hip Hop/Trap and RnB or Pop. He likes leaving his comfort zone and creating melodies that let his instantaneous feelings prevail over any of his favorite music genres.

SXMSIDY also created his record label OutofTime Records (OOT) in June 2022. "By us, For us".